Wed Nov 19, 2014

Investing In Loss

Investing In Loss

Round two of my Jack Straw recording project found me in the studio with Denney Goodhew on piano and Chris Symer on bass.  Both men are unsurpassed in the Seattle area (many would say beyond) when it comes to their level of musicianship and creativity.

During this recording session, I found the adage, “investing in loss” ringing in my mind.  I was recently reintroduced to this phrase via Josh Waitzkin’s book, The Art of Learning, which I highly recommend.

In comparison with the process of my previous release, Poontet (available here), during which I exerted a lot of control over the tone of the material, the process for this session (working title: Duos and Trios) had me bringing in tunes previously unrehearsed by the group.  I wanted the experience of interacting with master level musicians who were getting to know the music as they went along.  Indeed, operating in this manner meant that I had to retool my thinking around my songs.  Patterns of thinking had to be reevaluated in favor of a collaborative, group experience that was unfolding in the moment.

By investing in loss, that is, by not being strictly beholden to any one idea, there is more possibility.  In the case of this latest recording session, more possibility means a wide, free conception, lyrical and emotive.  I can’t wait to share it with you!


Jan 4th, 9:30pm

Ron Weinstein Vito's

Jan 9th, 7pm

Ron Weinstein Brass Tacks

Jan 14th, 9pm

Congress, feat. Joe Doria & Ian Sheridan Vito's

Jan 22nd, 8pm

Tim Kennedy Royal Room

Jan 24th, 7:30pm

Kitt Bender Auburn Ave Theater

Jan 28th, 10pm

Kathy Moore Seamonster


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