Sat Sep 6, 2014

Favorable Reviews For Poontet!

“As sensational as the name and the inspiration, Poontet is an all-around decent example of easy listening jazz fusion. . . .  Not to be confused with Muzak, Gibson’s hybrid fusion layers in jazz’s harmonic counter-points in cool ways, with a psychedelic rock drive, and funky groove that’s felt more than over-thought or over-wrought. Less cerebral, more moody. . . .” -Carol Weber, AXS

“This is very good jazz record that is never boring, and demonstrates a very mature vision.”  -Matthew Sweeney, Foreign Accents

“At its heart, Poontet is a clean contemporary jazz offering with injections of fusion and psychedelic traces. . . .  Poontet feels much more like the start of something, and something worth listening to, at that.”  -Michael J. Warren, Exclaim!

“If smooth jazz (and I use that term for anything that isn’t straight ahead swing nor Latin-ish) but if smooth jazz didn’t suck and was actually awesome, it would be this record.”  -HB Radke

But don’t take their words for it.  Listen for yourself!


Sept 10th, 9pm

Synthesis Vito's

Sept 13th, 2pm

Kitt Bender a festival in Tacoma!

Sept 14th, 9:30pm

Ron Weinstein Vito's

Sept 25th, 9:30pm

Yada Yada Blues Band The Mix

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